Tips for Finding A Good Cheap Hotel

It can be a challenge to find a good quality Hotel suit your budget when you are going on vacation somewhere you have never been into. So here is a guide to help you find a good cheap hotel, so you don’t have to worry about where you will stay.

cheap hotel websitesIn my life I have done a great deal of traveling, and I have many nightmare stories about the things that have happened to me in some of the cheap hotels I have stayed in. I remember once I was up all night, because of smoke filling up the room from the neighbor room through connecting door. On another trip, there was noise all night long from the drunken men on the corridor or laughter on the next room. It was probably quiet the next night, but I did not stick around to see.

Finding a good inexpensive hotel should not be a gamble. The best way to find a good hotel is to go to a place you have been before, but assuming that is not an option the next best thing is recommendation from someone who has been there.

If you know someone who has been to the same vacation spot as you are planning on going, ask them about the place they stayed, the worst that can happen is they tell you they hated it or that it was too expensive.

But what if no one you know has ever been to where you are going to be? Unless you like to gamble, you can’t just make reservations anywhere. At least, there are two things you can do:

  • Use the internet to look for hotel reviews.

There are many websites that have reviews from people who have stayed in the hotel. Now one man’s hell may be another mans heaven, but at least this way you can see that 5 people stayed there and said it was fine and two said it was not good maybe these 2 people were the exception.

Or maybe the two that did not like the hotel were in town for business in an area popular with tourists. This can be an annoying situation when everyone around you is partying and you are trying to sleep, this is one of the reason why no business is conducted in Daytona Beach during Spring Break.

  • Contact your local travel agent

Talking with a travel agent is always a great way to assure your happiness with your accommodations. A good thing to do is to make sure to ask lots of question on the phone with any hotels you are considering staying in.

Once you pick a hotel that fulfills your preferences, at your budget, you are ready to book your hotel room with confidence and look forward to your vacation without worry.

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Enjoy your vacation!

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