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  • What to See in Tokyo – Tokyo City Attractions

    What to See in Tokyo – Tokyo City Attractions

    Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, one of the most populous cities in the world and and the largest metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo is the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, is also the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family. The city is located in the Kant? region on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu and includes

  • An Unusual Travel Story - Basilicata Travel

    An Unusual Travel Story – Basilicata Travel

    There are many ways, people express their ways of traveling. Dutch visual storyteller Caspar Diederik and spirit behind has coined a new term: storytraveling.  Storytraveling is the art of telling travel stories in a short, visual and catchy way. His latest digital storytelling project, Digital Diary, includes the works of seven different artists who each produced v

  • Travel Tips for Your Italy Holidays

    Travel Tips for Your Italy Holidays

    Located in Southern Europe, Italy is a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia. Known for its food, wine, people, culture, music, countryside, Italy holidays happen to be one of the most required after holiday destinations in the world. Italy is where culture, history and traditions mix together beautifully with modernity and fashion. When traveling to Italy it

  • International Travel Tips: How to Prevent Jet Lag

    International Travel Tips: How to Prevent Jet Lag

    When you travel to a destination with very opposite time zone, you must consider the jet lag effect in your itinerary plans. You don't want to have red eyes and headache when arrive at your international destination, do you? What is jet lag? Jet lag can cause clear thinking difficult, leading to bad decisions at international business meetings. Whilst recreational travelers find it detracts fro

  • Africa Travel Tips For First Time Travelers

    Africa Travel Tips For First Time Travelers

    If you're from the West and your thinking of traveling to Africa for a holiday or business trip for the first time, then this travel tips might be of use to you. Firstly, you're a lucky person. Not many people can afford to travel to Africa, it's a long-haul flight in most cases and a lot of Africans would like to be going the other way. Do you have family there? Are you meeting someone for the

  • Getting Discount Airfare To Johannesburg

    Getting Discount Airfare To Johannesburg

    Johannesburg is a major city of South Africa, originally as gold-mining center of South Africa. Although mining is no longer as prominent as it was years before, tourists are still attracted to the Gold Reef City of Johannesburg, but many people are put off by high flight costs. It is well worth checking out discount airfare to Johannesburg and the best hotel deals in Johannesburg because it can s

  • Online Hotel Search and Bookings for Travel Convenience

    Online Hotel Search and Bookings for Travel Convenience

    When you travel out of town or country, whatever your accommodation type, travel companion and how long you travel are, you will need to make a hotel reservation. You may leave it until you arrive at your travel destination, but worrying about accommodation is not worth the stress of possibly finding yourself with nowhere to stay in an unknown city. If accommodation is at a premium location and yo

  • Travel Insurance Tips

    Most people think that a vacation will be a relaxing getaway. But, it isn't always the case, anything can happen when you travel including the very bad things you have never ever thought would happen to you. Of course, you don’t want to pay incredibly overpriced medical bills or lose much money if you lose your wallet during your trip. People often overlook travel insurance as part of their vaca

  • Tips on Alaska Cruise

    Tips on Alaska Cruise

    After reading our previous article on Why Should You Have Alaska Cruise (link), you probably have decided to or have dream of having Alaska cruise vacation. In this article, we will give some tips and information on planning your Alaska cruise. There are over 77 Alaska cruise packages offered by well-known cruise lines such as Princess Cruises, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland Americ

  • Packing Tips for Ski Vacations

    Packing Tips for Ski Vacations

    Unless you are a professional skiers or enjoy ski vacation every year, it is sometimes difficult to know what to pack on your ski vacation. The biggest problem is figuring how to get everything that you need from your home to your destination. Ski gears do not easily fit into suitcases, and if you are flying, this presents a huge problem. First of all, you need to know what is available at you

  • Ski Vacations on A Budget

    Ski Vacations on A Budget

    Finding terrific ski vacation spots is not hard as there are a lot information about ski location, various ski resorts and packages available that you can choose. However, finding ski vacations that fit into your budget can be a challenge. Skiing itself is an expensive sport in terms of ski gears, places, etc. Eventhough you don't go for skiing but enjoying scenery, you still need well prep

  • Vacation Destination Packages - What They Are

    Vacation Destination Packages – What They Are

    . When planning your vacation, there are two most important things you have to decide first before making any plans further, what your destination will be and how much you prepare to spend cost for that vacation. After you decided your destination and rough budget, you can start researching popular vacation destinations on the Internet. In this step, you will find vacation packages offering wi

  • The Best Time For The Best Deals Seychelles

    The Best Time For The Best Deals Seychelles

    Most people think of the Seychelles as a winter holiday destination, and Seychelles Island vacations to one of the increasing number of Seychelles Five Stars Hotels tend to be taken between November and March. In fact, winter time north side of the globe is the time of the greatest Seychelles rain fall with the heaviest rain being December through to February. Therefore, a little strange th

  • Costa Rica Travel Guide

    Costa Rica Travel Guide

    The Republic of Costa Rica is located in Central America and is an amazingly beautiful country. Costa Rica has been a popular destination for travelers around the world due to the country uniqueness and amazing natural wonders. This article provides the travel guides and useful tips for traveling to Costa Rica including its three of Costa Rica's best destinations you do not want to miss while you

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