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  • An Unusual Travel Story - Basilicata Travel

    An Unusual Travel Story – Basilicata Travel

    There are many ways, people express their ways of traveling. Dutch visual storyteller Caspar Diederik and spirit behind has coined a new term: storytraveling.  Storytraveling is the art of telling travel stories in a short, visual and catchy way. His latest digital storytelling project, Digital Diary, includes the works of seven different artists who each produced v

  • Panama Travel Tips

    Panama Travel Tips

    If you plan to have an adventure vacation, Panama should be in your list.  Joining two oceans and two continents, Panama is small, untapped country offers some of the finest diving, birdwatching, and deep-sea fishing in all of the Americas—yet only the most avid adventurers are aware of it.  Panama boasts scores of deserted palm-lined beaches, miles of lush rainforests, great national parks,