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Asia has been a favorite destination for travelers who want to see unique ancient cultures, traditions and natural wonders. Asia travel is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

As the largest continent on earth, Asia offers travelers a wide variety of countries with very different culture to visit. For first time visitors who travel Asia, we recommend the following countries:


As the largest archipelago on earth, Indonesia is one of the most diverse destinations for travelers to Asia providing enough exciting destinations for a complete trip. Whether you are seeking relaxation, natural beauty, cultural diversity or all of the above, Indonesian archipelago will show you an exciting and wonderful Asian travel destination. The most popular travel destination in Indonesia that you shouldn’t miss is resort Island of Bali. Other tourist destination in Indonesia are Lombok Island, Yogyakarta and Borobudur Temple in Central Java, unique Toraja culture and Marine Park Bunaken in Sulawesi, rainforest and orang utan sanctuary in Kalimantan, and Raja Ampat diving site in Papua. You can find affordable hotels on Expedia to enjoy your stay in Indonesia.


The Kingdom of Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia drawing more visitors than its neighbors. With both mountainous regions and a beautiful coastline dotted with amazing islands Thailand is one a must see for those who travel to Asia. The beautiful islands of Thailand includes Phuket, Koh Samui, Phiphi Islands, etc. The city of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand and the largest city in the nation, is one of the most popular cities in Asia as well.


The mainland China has been rapidly emerging as the top destination for travelers to Asia for the last 20 years. As China continues to modernize both economically and socially, it is becoming easier for those who travel to Asia to visit the third largest and the most populous country in the world. Nowadays, traveling to China cities has never been easier as before with daily flights and new modern airports in almost all tourist cities. There are too many cities China has to offer due to a long history of 5000-year Chinese civilization, you cannot see all China tourist cities in one trips. Anyway, there are main top cities that you must visit when you travel to China that include Beijing for the famous Great Wall of China, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Guilin, Xian, Hong Kong and Macau. The latter  two cities are ex-European colonies that were returned back to under China government few years ago.


For decades, the island nation of Japan has been a favorite destination for travelers to Asia due to its unique culture with a combination of ancient and modern lifestyle of Japanese people. You can find an ancient architecture of amazing Zen temples to spotlighted modern glass building in Tokyo, a capital of Japan. Japan has something for every traveler who visits in every season. In winter time, there is ice sculpture festival in Sapporo city, while you can enjoy natural beauty of Japan on the slopes of Mount Fuji with sakura flowers blooming all over Japan.


A quickly emerging destination among travelers to Asia, Vietnam is reshaping its image among world travel destinations. From the beaches along the coast, to its soaring inland mountains, Vietnam offers travelers with an awe-inspiring experience.

South Korea

South Korea is one of the most westernized of all Asian nations. Travelers to Korea can enjoy the modern city of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea; or they can enjoy beautiful natural wonders like Songnisan National Park.


Another one of Asia’s largest and most heavily populated countries, India is a complex and diverse nation unlike any other you will experience when you travel throughout Asia. Visitors to India will be enchanted by its unpredictability and surprising cultural dramas that exist among its inhabitants. The Taj Mahal, a white palace with dramatic history behind, is the most famous tourist destination that you must see if you chance to visit India.

For more information on traveling Asia countries, please visit our Destination Guide.

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