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There are many ways, people express their ways of traveling. Dutch visual storyteller Caspar Diederik and spirit behind has coined a new term: storytraveling.  Storytraveling is the art of telling travel stories in a short, visual and catchy way.

His latest digital storytelling project, Digital Diary, includes the works of seven different artists who each produced visual stories of their own impressions of Basilicata, Italy.

Basilicata is a region in the south of Italy, divided into two provinces : Potenza and Matera, with regional capital of Potenza. The region also has a short coastline to the south west on the Tyrrhenian side of the peninsula. With its beautiful landscape, historical heritage and culture of hospitality, Basilicata has been a perfect place for unusual travel story.

Caspar’s Video: How to travel to south Italy, fall in love and never return

The autobiographic story tells how he follows dream. He undertakes a voyage of discovery to the unknown south of Italy. He ends up in a most curious place. It’s one of worlds most ancient, continuously inhabited settlements in the world called Matera. A maze of alleys and streets, houses half cavated from rock formations.

From his new home he skims the region of Basilicata in search for stories to tell. He’d find an important reason to stay in these lands, yes of course: LOVE. Driven by fiery love and passion he seeks to become a local. But that’s not too easy. Their standards are high: you have to have courage, speak the local language, eat and pray, in order to love and be loved.

Caspar’s notes on Basilicata region, Italy:

…be ready for an off beat place. Enjoy amazing tasty fruits, veggies local dishes, be amazed by the ultimate friendliness of the people. Discover true Italy in the best way. This is not for tourists but for travelers who like to have an authenticexperience. Truly, these lands stole my heart.

Digital Diary Project with 7 artists: Basilicata, Italy

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